Taylor. Eric.

Taylor and Eric are the names of the children who started me on this journey and lead me to this wonderful place where I get to play a role in empowering children and inspiring their confidence by teaching them the basics of public speaking. Not only am I a speaker, I am the microphone that amplifies children’s “authentic “creative and brilliant youthful voices.

After being laid off in April 2009, I spent a lot of time looking for something familiar – a marketing position. During my job search, I received number speaking invitations. Although, I was a member of Toastmasters, I had no interest in accepting public speaking engagements. As a matter fact, I didn’t talk about it…People just “assumed” I was a public speaker.

Although, I knew speaking was my “gift”, I had not fully accepted and owned it. I dug my heels in to avoid it, but the gift grabbed me and took me along for the ride. The more I dug in, more speaking invitations presented themselves in those seemingly random, “God- has-a-sense-of-humor” kind of ways. Random ways…like a lady at the gym who I didn’t recall meeting four months earlier, approaching me (on my second visit to that gym) to tell me that she had JUST written my name in her calendar to call me at 4pm that afternoon to see if I would speak to hear women’s group. I never told her I was a speaker. It wasn’t on my business card either. It was those types of instances when I just knew I was supposed to accept the engagement. Initially, I was quite hesitant to say “yes”, after each one those engagements, I found that I walked away saying, […]