3D Voice Public Speaking for Children and Teens

At 3D Discovery, we are committed to helping children discover their authentic voice. To often children’s creativity, advocacy platforms and passions are being muted by parents and other adults of influence. 3D Voice provides children with an outlet to express what’s on their minds while developing communications skills that will build confidence, reinforce active listening and provide positive peer feedback and support.

We offer three public speaking enrichment programs for 3rd-12th grade students. All programs are conducted on-site with class sizes of 10-15 students. The programs are perfect for youth leadership organizations, non-profits serving youth, school districts, church groups and after-school programs.

If you are as passionate as we are about unmuting the voices of children by helping them to discover their authentic voices and empowering them to convey their ideas and the things they believe to be important, give us a call at 972-850-8902 or complete the form.


Students learn the basics of public speaking and present general topics that are of interest to them. Students learn the power of verbal and non-verbal communication, presentation structure and incorporating storytelling and gestures into their presentations. (3rd-12th grade)


Whether preparing for college interviews, job interviews or student elections, this program is sets middle school and high school students on course for success by helping to discover their personal presentation strengths and growth opportunity areas while developing compelling stories for their presentations. (9th-12th grade)